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Victory Motorcycle Cruiser Lift – Indian Motorcycle Cruiser Lifts

Big Blue will lift any cruiser with a Duplex (twin rail) Frame even Frame-Less motorcycles that rely on the engine crankcase for lifting, using either our Standard Beam mount set or the Adjustable Beam mount set, both these are used for Harley Davidson motorcycles old and new.

The Giant Cruiser motorcycle was the reason for the design and birth of the Big Blue motorcycle lift some 16 years ago and with many thousands of them in constant use worldwide they have proven beyond doubt to be the Strongest, Safest and most Reliable lift on the planet and with constant improvements have gone on to handle just about any other motorcycle big or small.

Harley style bikes are by far the easiest motorcycle to lift using the Big Blue lift with Standard Beam mount set, this applies to all Victory and Indian motorcycles that have a flat & level surface area under the bike to lift from, In cases where there is no frame and the crankcase is not entirely level you may need to use the Adjustable Beam mounts that have a central cut out allowing the crankcase to settle in. You simply make the Choice of mount you require and they come free with the lift!

Lifting Victory and Indian Cruisers with Big Blue is so easy, you simply locate the Beam Mounts in the appropriate position on the lift to suit the bike, Secure them into position and slide the lift under the bike from any side you chose. Once in place start turning the Power Screw Clockwise to raise the lift, it will now make contact with the frame of the bike and force the bike into a Vertical position, support the bike at this point and once vertical proceed to lift either by hand or power, for these heavy machines you need a power drill as recommended in the instructions with a Low Speed High Torque Output. You can also raise your bike and leave it UP for indefinite periods as it cannot be lowered until you lower it!!

The ULTIMATE SECURITY Feature – Lift your Bike Up and “LOCK IT” simply using a Padlock!!

Big Blue is tested in excess of 2000kg (2 metric tons) “Without Failure” so It will Never Let You Down, It has proven itself with an unblemished record for reliability, safety and value for money through all continents so rest assured that it will  “Last You For Life”

These giant cruisers are really easy to lift but if you do feel intimidated by the massive size and weight it may a good idea to employ our  BikeGrab Wheel Chock Stand to hold the bike safely for you?

With a comforting 19 years of product development and refinement behind us, we give you a totally SAFE and SECURE solution to the problems faced when maintaining, servicing or simply cleaning your bike plus everything is British Made and Fully Guaranteed FOR LIFE!

If you have any questions on suitability please contact us for advice.

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